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Tech-Roll Retractable Insect Screens

   These screens are of a proven high quality with many awards being attained overseas in the past 15 years

   Manufactured in Australia

   Can be installed externally or internally

   Can span up to 6 metres wide (double doors)

   Easy to use handle with push button locking function that is able to be locked and unlocked from either side

   Can be installed to move up and down or across

   Mesh can be either plain or lattice mesh (lined with stripes at a range of distances) to make it easier to see

   Comes in standard colours of black, white or silver - it can be powdercoated to suit your needs at an additional cost



Artilux Retractable Insect Screens

Soft Closing Mechanism a standard feature in all units which reduces the speed at which the screen retracts when released making it child friendly
and easy to operate

   Patented Multi-Lock system - a pin locking system inside the handle enables the screen to be locked along the width of the opening so that the screen can be left partially open at any given point. Ideal for bi-fold and French door applications

   Ability to screen 6 metre openings with a double unit application or 3 metres with a single unit

   Tracks are supplied with stiff angled weather pile helping to prevent the mesh from blowing out

   Optional bottom ramp available to house track.

   Available in Standard Soft Close or Optional Multi-lock

   Can be powder coated to colour of your choice


Artilux Alfresco Pleated Insect Screens

Artilux alfresco pleated screens is a new & innovative free sliding system that is an alternative to the spring loaded retractable screens. It suits almost all types of windows and door openings.
The elegant screen slides effortlessly through it's frame using a unique tensioning system, and can be left open at any point along the opening.

   Able to span up to 4 metres with one screen and 8 metres with a double unit, this is one of the most versatile on the market.

   The system can be easily operated from anywhere along the handle, thus making it easy to manoeuvre.

   Reinforced pleated mesh and sturdy support guides ensure the screen is not prone to blow out in the event of strong breeze or nudging.

   Discreet 10mm bottom track and 20mm frame is designed to blend in with existing frames, and is an ideal choice for screening areas.

  All frame components are made from extruded aluminium and may be powder coated in a range of colours to suit your decor.



Freedom Retractable Screen
The Freedom Retractable Screen is a roll away insect screen with a patented brake system. The screen’s components include a housing, handle and a top and bottom track. Inside the housing is a spring within a tube onto which the screen retracts. The outer edge of the screen is attached to a handle which allows the screen to be pulled along the tracks to the desired position. The screen can be retracted back into its housing when not in use. The size of the housing is a 50mm square like box. Giving the consumer the benefit of the open view as well as saving on the space taken up by more traditional rigid opening screens, it also helps to protect the screen from damage and dirt when not in use. User friendly, they allow you to open and close the screen to any position due to the patented brake system.
When you release the handle it automatically locks in place.
The Freedom Retractable Screen is designed for French doors, bi-fold doors, sliding and stacker doors, windows and many other difficult to screen openings.  The Freedom Retractable Screen compliments timber & aluminium doors and windows.


Freedom Bifold Screen
The Freedom Bi-Fold Screen is an innovative screening system designed to enclose patios, balconies, alfresco living areas, and is ideal for large bi-fold doors which require stainless steel mesh to meet bushfire regulations. It turns patios into rooms with the ability of keeping the outside in. You have the flexibility of adjusting your entertainment area to the existing weather conditions for year round entertaining. This Bi-Fold Screen has many options available: two tracking systems, various panel sizes, optional access door available, various mesh, screening material, polycarbonate, shade cloth, pet proof material, optional locking system, and many more available features. The Freedom Bi-Fold Screen system comes with award winning marine grade stainless steel hardware. Also the unique magnetic closing system is a great benefit of the Freedom Bi-Fold Screen.

   Can be powder coated to colour of your choice

   Strong fibreglass UV resistant mesh

   Can be installed externally or internally

   Can span up to 4 metres (double doors)

   Has added safety feature of brakes which prevent screen from flying back into housing


Freedom Single Screen
The Freedom single screen is ideal for smaller doorways with restricted area where it would be impossible to have a normal swinging screen door.  Another advantage of the single unit is that it does not obstruct the view as it has very transparent mesh and no handles meeting in the centre as with the double unit. The Freedom single screen can screen an opening of up to 2 meters at 2.2m high or 2.7m high at 1.1m wide.

   Can be powder coated to colour of your choice

   Strong fibreglass UV resistant mesh

   Can be installed externally or internally

   Has added safety feature of brakes which prevent screen from flying back into housing




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